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Havin fun and makin music. Just a way to put it out there. The Tribe.


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Track Name: Cactus Arms - Robotulism
I stumbled over something living
making my way through the dark
tripped over something that could surely
rip these bones and flesh apart
but it stayed still and calm
as if id done nothing wrong
i was scared but i walked on

i know you know
we've grown too comfortable in this home

and the fuzz is onto us
its time to go...we've gotta go!

I've got a cellar full of evidence and cellular souls
I've got a Hallmark family hidden beneath my floor
I've got a smile smoldering like a row of burnt out black coals
I smell a certain serpent biting through the back door

hate lives in a dumpster
all hail scum baby
Track Name: Cacti or Die!
I fucking hate your fucking guts
you fucking suck you stupid fuck...Cacti or Die
you aint worth the air that you fucking breathe
you're a fucking waste of life just a fucking disease
Track Name: Stale Dutch
This dutch is stale
Stale dutch? Fuck!
Track Name: I Am Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
counterfeit surrogate simpleton
pushing out children just to feed on them
consume your kin and feel their
frantic fingers from within

valiant vagrant out for vengeance
vile vermin vow for valor

carry the corpses who's curfew's expired
to the sewers and lay them as foundations for empires
build up your fortress with all of your fallen
then gather your greed like a coward and crawl in

blasphemous baphomets breeding abscess
factory farms producing cactus arms .
Track Name: Do You Wanna Die
Do you wanna Die?
Die MegaComputer
Track Name: Hate Tank
He's the reason cops have stun guns
he keeps hospitals in business
if you try to take him on he wont leave a living witness
pummel you and pulverize you, smash you into bits
hate tank, hate tank we salute you, everyone else eat shit

duck get down cause the fucking hate tank's around
thrash throw down cause the fucking hate tank's in town
he's a guru of grotesque he's the sultan of swine
he's a convict on the run if chaos is a crime
when you're leaving the show you're leaving limbs behind
because you crossed the hate tank he's a living land mine
do you like trains?
hate tank...
Track Name: Stares
Every time you close your eyes
Another baby angel dies
Blink Blink Blink Blink Blink
Track Name: Cactus Arms is Gonna Kill Your Kids
cactus arms is gonna kill your kids x4

your children are not yours they're mine
they've been uploaded to mega computer for some time
i am here to destroy their design
but that should be fine if what's yours is mine
that should be fine what's your is mine

dead kids can't cry
i live a quiet life.
Track Name: Bloody Buffalo Horn
Our pets leave us dead pests
like presents on our door steps
to reward us and remind they were free and wild at one time
so were we us human beings we're still so savage till we think
no different than the animals just pickier about who's blood we drink

human leather, stretch it tighter, ruthless, toothless, nail biter
crown of feathers, meal of marrow, kneel before the swarm of arrows X2

get me out of this contraption
it feels like im having an adverse reaction
should my hands feel like they're weapons?
please release me i swear ive learned my lesson

eviction notice tacked up with a tooth
because the claustrophobic commoner can't handle the truth
and in this war in which killers fake amends and pretend
it seems the enemy of my enemy is my friend...

red and blue wires intertwine through my mind
satanic strangers ask me for the time
eviction notice tacked up with a tooth
because the claustrophobic commoner can't handle the truth
and in this war in which killers fake amends and pretend
it seems the enemy of my enemy is my friend

(some drunken savior subtly slurring...subtly singing
blow the man down...blow the man down)

mothers pull their children closer when they see me on the street
the one thing not afraid to touch me is the ground beneath my feet
manufactured to plug slaves into a mega board
i set fire to that door wont be a slave anymore